Extreme Reconditioning

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To our Amazon local and Living Social customers... WE DO NOT expire your vouchers. They will be honored for full value whenever they are redeemed!!! This is and always has been our policy. It WILL NOT change. If you are one of the customers that purchased a special offer directly from our website and did NOT receive a gift certificate in the mail it is because u did not send us an email requesting one. Our special offers page is no longer up and the option to purchase from us is no longer available. Your Paypal payment receipt can be used to redeem service and the offer has no expiration. Keep in mind that services will NOT be rendered without your receipt. Also to our valued customers... we refuse to pay yelp to manipulate our reviews so most of our positive reviews get buried in the "not recommended" tab. 99% of businesses displaying 5 star ratings are paying for this manipulation. yelp is currently engaged in a legal battle where small businesses are accusing them of extorting them using this very tactic. yelp sales reps call promising hundreds of new customers if we pay them, when we decline our positive reviews get buried while the negative reviews are front and center. please keep this in mind and tell anyone you know running a small business to stay away from yelp. once a small business owner creates a yelp account it cannot be un done and yelp will attempt to extort them as well using this tactic. yelp and its c.e.o.'s have also been accused of stock price inflation and manipulation by the securities and exchange commission so it is a great idea to stay away from their stock as well.